Friday, 26 August 2011

Three Great New Additions To Our Collection From The Gordon & Machail Private Collection

We have added three very rare and limited expressions to the range today. All of these rare expressions are 50 years or older and are part of the Gordon & Macpail Private Collection.

The first of these expressions is a 56 year old Glenlivet from 1954. This is one of only 191 bottles produced as part of the decades series with the oldest being a 70 year old Glenlivet. You can find this expression on our website at

We then have a 50 year old from Mortlach from 1957. This is a limited edition of 514 bottles. Gordon & Macphail made headlines when they released a 70 year old expression from Mortlach. This can be found at

The last of these new additions is a 50 Year old Linkwood dating back from 1959. This is a limited edition of 176 bottle. This can found at

To see more about these fascinating malts, then here is a link to a video by Gordon & Macphail


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Two New Dalmore Expressions To Try

We are in a very fortunate position in that we are located not far from the Dalmore Distillery. I went for a visit today to go for a tour and in the visitors shop I found these two expressions.

The Dalmore 1991 vintage is only a available normally at the Dalmore Distillery. This expression is a single cask, bottled at cask strength.

The Dalmore is there worlds most revered single malt. This is due in no small part to a band of craftsmen and women, well versed in the Dalmores time honoured traditions. The skill, passion and judgement of these 13 meticulous artisans can be found in every precious drop of the Dalmore. To celebrate their art, they have created the Dalmore Distillery Exclusive, an exclusive vintage especially chosen by those who know best the magnificent malt's every intricate detail.

The Dalmore Distillery Exclusive is a vintage 1991, drawn from cask 446 after a 20 year slumber in American white oak casks.

Nose - Generous and rewarding on the nose. Aromas of warm citrus fruits, toffee apple, luscious mango and creamy caramel are followed closely with notes of bitter dark chocolate, apricots and figs.

Taste - As the delightful scents give way, the palate is rewarded with a wonderful sensory combination of thick chunky marmalade, roasted Java coffee, crushed pecan nuts and liquorice. Fleshy pear, honey, vanilla and the tang of caramerlised creme brulee brings this cornucopia of delights to a perfect conclusion.

The Dalmore 1995 Vintage 'Age of Exploration' expression can normaly only be found in travel retail and at the Dalmore Distillery.

The beautiful island of Madeira was Colonised by Prince Henry of Portugal during the ledendary 'Age of Exploration'. The Dalmore vintage 1995 has been beautifully finessed in Madeira Barrels, and it is in tribute to the pioneering aproach of the time that they have named this remarkable expression.

Tasting Notes.

Set to cask on 30th March 1995. First stored in American white oak then 3 years in Madeira barrels, before final ageing for 1 year in Matusalem Oloroso sherry butts. Amber gold in colour, with copper honey highlights.

On the nose, enticing fragrances of apricot, pear, sweet mango and bergamot drift in perfect harmony. A sensual fusion of the finest Madeira, Matusalem sherry and bourbon woods delivers forest fruits, walnuts, bitter chocolate and grapefruit, with whispers of pecan pie and creme Brulee. Expressions of ogen melon, glazed oranges and nutmeg slowly ebb away, completing this exhilarating exploration of memorable flavours.

Monday, 22 August 2011

New Facebook Shop

We have just launched a brand new way you can order you Malt Whisky via our facebook page. We will be using this shop to give all our friends the chance to order expressions before we put them on our main website.

The facebook shop is full secure and uses paypal for taking payment. You will not need need to load any app and you will not be taken away from facebook for any part of the shopping experience.

So please have a look around the page and feel free to give us any feedback so we can improve your experience with us. below is a direct link to the facebook shop area on the Shop4whisky facebook page.


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Chance To Own A Cask Of Isle Of Jura Malt Whisky

Good fortune has given you a unique opportunity
to own a cask of single malt whisky from the Jura distillery, worth £10,000, at a fraction of the cost!

Go to and sign up as a Diurach to get your chance to own a cask of Isle of Jura Malt Whisky.  If you cant wait until the lucky Diurach is selected then you can sample Isle of Jura Superstition at for only £24.99 with free P&P on your first order.

Shop4whisky at Cowes Week, Isle Of Wight.

We went on a little road trip down to the Isle of Wight last week. It just so happened it was Cowes Week and Talisker was one of the Sponsors. We thought it only appropriate that we let all the Sailing Enthusiasts know all about and to mark the occasion we have been offering Talisker at just £29.99 along with Isle of Jura, Superstition at just £24.99.

We have to give a massive thank you to Colin Dunn and all the guys at Talisker for taking us out on the boat the watch the first sail in cinema followed by the Cowes Week Fireworks Display.